Building An European Dropshipping Business

I decided a while ago that I wanted to try building a Small European Dropshipping Business to do some testing and hopefully learn something from it.

I was looking for dropshipping suppliers located in Europe, I found some that dropshipped for free, others required money to join their program and I also found some websites selling lists of dropshipping suppliers.

The few dropshipping suppliers I found can be put into three categories:

1: Websites that offer a dropship program that cost money

2: Websites that are abandoned half way through the building process having no logo, title, pages e.g.

3: Websites that have been build but contains no products.

The few websites selling lists of dropshipping suppliers I found mostly demand money for access to their lists.

I looked at their websites to get some knowledge about the companies behind, the websites was old-looking and completely outdated, I looked at their About and Shipping pages, they mostly seemed fine but who is going to criticize themselves in their About and Shipping sections.

I searched for reviews and I mostly found horrible reviews or no reviews at all (which seems a bit strange).

I’m not going to give list any of the companies that I researched since I haven’t tried them myself and I don’t want to give a bad review.

European dropshipping is taking place at a much lower level than in the USA, maybe this is due to the lack of dropshipping suppliers within the European Union.

The EU-member states have free trading inside the EU, trading with companies located outside the EU will cause expenditures like tarrif, duty, VAT, taxation e.g. and one has to think about being competetive.


The project:

As a project I will build a small european dropshipping business doing both B2B (Business selling to business) and B2C (Business selling to customers) but at different prices.

The website will have two main categories a B2B and a B2C to keep things easy. Though it is a project it will still be a real business selling real products, just to make things perfectly clear.

I have bought a webhotel, a domain and set up a webshop using WordPress. I found a theme but I’m not quite sure if I’m going to use it.

I found some small supply lines I can use though if I was building something to get filthy rich then I wouldn’t use them as suppliers, I’m not going to list the supple lines for the project right now but maybe later I will.

I have not found a large collection of products but thats okay since there is enough for my a shop and my project and it also mean that I can put more time into promoting every product.

For now I will be looking at what theme I want and set it up and decide what products I want to sell, figure out the pricing and then start adding them to the website.

I’m really looking forward to the learning experience from this, I will post updates about the websites about some of the website progress.


M. Ottobrøker