Mining Cryptocoins

How To Mine Cryptocoins

A Beginner’s Guide To Mining Cryptocoins

You can mine Cryptocoins by using your:

  • CPU (The CPU is your Processor and will be shown as Processor or Threads)
  • GPU (The GPU is your Graphics card)

Easy to use cryptocoin mining programs:


Click on the picture below to get started

  1. You will be taken to their website where you create an account by registrating your email
  2. Go to their download page and download their cryptocoin mining program called MinerGate.
  3. Install and run the MinerGate program, you will be asked to use your account to login, when you have done this you are ready to start mining.

Minergate is a very easy mining program to use. It lets you mine many different types of cryptocoins, some of them are shown on the picture below.