Quick Ways to get more Twitter followers

There are many ways to increase your amount of twitter followers from creating great posts to using certain programs and websites or taking part in follower systems.

Quick ways to get followers!:

People who are looking for people who will follow them back use hashtags like #followback, if this hashtag is searched for on twitter then profiles of people who follow back will appear, some of these profiles have thousands of followers, their list of followers can be used to find people that follow back.

  1. Mass follow App addon for Google Chrome is a time saver. It’s a small app that let you mass follow on twitter, adjust the settings to the type of profile you want to follow.
  2. Write twitter posts with the following: I follow back #followback.
  3. There are follow-back websites that – if you accept – connects to your twitter profile through a twitter app, on the website you can see a list of people who follow back, click on their picture and you will start following them and they will follow you, it might take a while for them to follow back.
  4. There are websites that helps managing your twitter followers, these websites have to connect to your account. Some of these websites show if someone have unfollowed you.

The best way to get followers is slow but worth it:

Be active atleast once a day, create twitter posts with interesting headlines and add interesting photos. This might give you a slow groth in followers but it’s more likely that they find you and your posts interesting.

Some methods are not allowed by twitter:

  • Using such methods can result in your account being temporary closed or getting deleted.
  • Twitter does not like when people use follow-programs that you install in your twitter account or web browser, I don’t know how they feel about using follow-programs placed on other websites.

You can get a lot of followers with follower-programs but they might not be worth it:

  • If you use a follow program you wil have to follow those who follow you!
  • You will get a lot of followers who’s only goal is the same as yours: getting more followers! They are not active on your twitter posts or page, if you are really lucky you might get a single like or retweet out of 10.000 followers, that doesn’t look good.

To be continued..