I have been cleaning the list of registered users to get rid of spam registrations: Users and bots.

About 4000 spam registrations have been deleted and I still have about 150 spam registrations to handle.

The next few weeks it will not be be possible to become a member just by filling out the user registration, you will also have to send a msg through the contact page saying hi or something so I know that you aren’t a bot or a spam-user.


If you have lost your account during this cleanup pls. send a msg with name and e-mail through the contact page and we will fix it together.



I’m really sorry about the inconvenience but something had to be done.


M. Ottobrøker


Build An Online Business


Added a sub-directory: Build An Online Business

I have changes the site a bit, the Build An Online Business page is now a sub-directory.

The change from webpage to sub-directory should improve the navigation, I haven’t tested all the network plugins but they seem to be working like they should, if you experience any problems please send a msg through the contact page.

I have made a simple banner image that I will use for the time being, I will be changing it later this month but I still haven’t decided how it should look, maybe I will find someone on fiverr.com.

I hope you will be as satisfied with the sub-directory as I am.

M. Ottobrøker

Build An Online Business


Theme changed again..

I had some problems with the theme that I used so I had to do yet another change.

I was using Magazine PlusVersion: 1.0.5 which caused a lot of problems e.g. everytime i did something that needed to be saved an error occurred and after logging out an error occurred when I tried to login. The error message said something about the header. I do not know why i had problems with the theme.

I did not want to delete my Website and have to install and set up a new WordPress Website. Therefore I manually reset my theme to the default WordPress theme, I did it though my websites database using phpMyAdmin, I wrote a post about how I fix it.

After fixing the login problem I searched for a new theme, I picked HuemanVersion: 3.3.2, which I’m satisfied with for the moment but I will be trying to find someone who would help making the site better, maybe some who will also write post in specific categories or maybe find someone on fiverr.com.


M. Ottobrøker