Yet Another Theme Change

Theme changed again..

I had some problems with the theme that I used so I had to do yet another change.

I was using Magazine PlusVersion: 1.0.5 which caused a lot of problems e.g. everytime i did something that needed to be saved an error occurred and after logging out an error occurred when I tried to login. The error message said something about the header. I do not know why i had problems with the theme.

I did not want to delete my Website and have to install and set up a new WordPress Website. Therefore I manually reset my theme to the default WordPress theme, I did it though my websites database using phpMyAdmin, I wrote a post about how I fix it.

After fixing the login problem I searched for a new theme, I picked HuemanVersion: 3.3.2, which I’m satisfied with for the moment but I will be trying to find someone who would help making the site better, maybe some who will also write post in specific categories or maybe find someone on


M. Ottobrøker


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