Manually “Reset” Your Theme To the Default WordPress Theme Through Database

Installed a Theme that broke your admin login and now you can’t change your Theme?

Here is a possible solution!


I’ve just had some problems with my theme, the worst thing was that I couldn’t login after logging out. 

I had to manually log into my database and to do that I used phpMyAdmin, I found phpMyAdmin through the control panal my webhosts provides. 

Doing this is at your own risk, and website owner accepts no responsibility for any proplems theese actions might cause.


Create a BACKUP!! before doing anything if possible!!!


What To Do:

  1. Go to phpMyAdmin. You can most likely log into phpMyAdmin through your Web Host provider.
  2. When you are in phpMyAdmin you have to find your Websites database.
  3. On the tab you click the Database button and then click on your database.
  4. After clicking on your database you click on the SQL tab.
  5. After clicking the SQL tab you will see a writing-area, in the writing-area you write:
    UPDATE wp_options SET option_value=’default’ WHERE option_name=’template’ OR option_name=’stylesheet’ LIMIT 2;
  6. After writing you press the button in the lower right corner to complete.


Your Website should now be using the default WordPress Theme!


Hope this will be useful to you if your theme has broken your login.

M. Ottobrøker



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