Choosing a product


Choosing a product

Are you going to put your focuss on:

  1. Having a whole lot of different products like a warehouse
  2. A single category of products e.g. Electronics or Home Decor
  3. A brand category e.g. Sony, Nike, Apple
  4. A single product type e.g. Smartphones or Lamps
  5. A brand product type e.g. Apple iPhones, Sony Playstation,
  6. The niches within a single product type e.g. Shoes: shoe soles, shoelaces, shoe polish

Figure out the type of product you want to sell

Think about things you know about that you like spending time on, it could be something related to a hobby like:

  • Gaming:
    • Computer, Screen, Monitors, Keybord, Mouse, Mouse Mat, Headphones, Earphones, Speakers, Cables, Games
  • Nitting:
    • Tools used for nitting
    • Yarn
  • Sports:
    • Balls, Shoes, Protection gear, Other Accessories
  • Music:
    • Listening to music:
      • Amps, Speakers, CD-Player, Soundsystem
    • Playing music:
      • Instruments, Speakers, Amps, Pedals, Screens, Monitors, Strings, Picks, Cables
  • Movies:
    • TV, Projector, Blueray/DVD-Player, Blueray/DVD-Player system, Surround sound, Surround-sound systems

You could also pick the Gaming category itself and change it into a niche: BE CREATIVE!   🙂

Figuring out what type of product to sell can be a tough decision, some say use Google Trends others say just find something you are passionate about.

Is there a demand for your product?

Check the market to get a feeling of how many there are already competing on the market.

If you find a huge amount of businesses offering the same products or services as you maybe you should find another product.



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